Assess Applicants & Employees

Few forces are as potent as proficient personnel to sustaining an employer’s long-run success. Candidate screening and selection decisions yield a talented workforce or accelerate failure. The reliability and validity of trainee assessment tools evidence or mask program effectiveness. Unique challenges characterize selection, development, and evaluation but all HR decisions are underpinned or undermined by the reliable and valid assessment of abilities and performance.

All employers use some form of explicit or implicit assessment to screen, select, and train new employees and all assessment yields a unique data signature that can be mined for evidence. Most accept without question, however, their form of assessment is worth the investment. This is apparent in the go to selection method, the interview, despite a mountain of evidence suggesting unstructured interviews are not predictive and yield a net negative present value. It takes an average of 22-days for an interview process that findings suggest is seldom predictive.

How should stakeholders assess, screen, select, appraise, and certify their talented employees? The answer is in a deep dive of your business objectives, current HR processes, documented evidence, and the best practices of the organizational, psychometric, and econometric sciences. Nuances of your business operation shape the application of scientific wisdom to ramp results.

Talent Threshold helps establish and evidence your applicant screening and selection practices, yielding a more proficient, motivated, and productive workforce. We tailor our HR guidance, assessment architectures, and selection tools to your local business mandates, affordances, and constraints. We leverage sophisticated mixed reality business simulations to support some clients whereas other stakeholders are best served with simpler paper-based situational tests.

We also develop informative 360° performance appraisal solutions to assess the performance and potential of your current workforce. We help deploy sounder solutions minimizing error and bias, increasing cross-ratee comparability, fostering more candid and useful conversations, and delivering the results intended from executing performance appraisal.

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