Develop Teams & Leaders

The seismic shift from bureaucratic hierarchical structures to flattened, decentralized, and networked organizations and alliances has generated a mandate for more effective teaming. The ingenuity of teams is collectives can accomplish via collaboration that which cannot be achieved alone. Teams afford advantages such as a deeper reservoir of talent and networks to draw upon and also benefit from the poise, modeling, and backup behaviors of top performers.

Although teams can be a preferred performance arrangement there is also a dark side of collectives that must be addressed. Collective coordination demands can tax already limited cognitive resources increasing stress and decreasing engagement. The challenges compound when people fulfill multiple roles in pursuit of the competing goals of multiple teams. Is it any wonder then why so many teams of experts fall far short of fully maturing in to an expert team?

Accelerating the performance proficiency attained from training teams and team members requires a nuanced understanding of the performance interdependencies of individuals, dyads, and collectives. Team performance is both a bottom-up and top-down phenomenon that can be mapped and manipulated by developing precise models of multiteam system, team, and member performance to guide training. Designing effective team training that transfers to the workplace requires understanding the multilevel nature, dynamics, and context of teamwork.

Developing team leaders via training, coaching, stretch assignments, and self-development activities is also intensively challenging but equally critical to organizational effectiveness. In fact, the findings of a 10-year study suggest the stock price of well led organizations increased 900% whereas poorly led organizations grew just 74%. The potential powerful effects of team leaders are promising but survey findings also suggest a mere 62% of leaders would be rehired.

Talent Threshold can help you understand precisely how team performance episodes unfold, and how team leaders create the conditions enabling effective teamwork, information that is essential to architecting more impactful team and leader training and development solutions. Our talent advisors can design new or markedly improve legacy blended learning solutions. We can also team with you to guide training vendor screening, optimization, and governance.

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