Profile & Predict Performance

The uncertainty and velocity of most modern work mandates employees vigilantly perform cognitively complex tasks to exceed product and service time, quality, cost, and risk standards. Agile employers proactively cultivate what it takes to thrive in information centric workplaces by selecting, developing, and retaining employees that think quicker, acquire proficiency faster, tirelessly persist, remain calm during the storm, and are more resilient and adaptive to change.

Achieving success often requires discerning signal from noise by sifting through dynamic streams of subtle and conflicting cues to formulate alternative actions from bits of information. Successful employees excel at distilling actionable plans from incomplete and deceptive data. Diligent analysis at work requires a constellation of specific reasoning abilities and cognitive systems as well as the raw information processing power to efficiently solve problems.

Sustaining success often requires interpersonal acumen, personal styles, and preferences for teaming to achieve via collaboration that which cannot be realized alone. Applicants and employees differ in their team orientation, extraversion, agreeableness, risk tolerance, and other personality attributes, interests, interaction preferences, activity motives, and attitudes. These marked differences can be enablers or roadblocks to individual and team effectiveness.

Traditional job analyses often capture a single static snapshot of performance requirements, context, and standards failing to reveal temporal performance dynamics, evolving contexts, and performance standards which are ramped over time and integrated across career paths.

Talent Threshold’s advisors have helped some of the most respected organizations execute their most complex performance profiling challenges. We leverage mixed method techniques and toolkits to illuminate, frame, and model individual, team, and multiteam performance. Our advisors spotlight the cognitive structures, systems, states, and stores comprising performance as well as the abilities, attributes, and competencies enabling effective performance over time. We help you describe multilevel performance dynamics and deploy assessment architectures, metrics, and predictive analytics for selecting and retaining proficient and promising talent.

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